About Us

Welcome to the “4waydial”. A first local search engine of Punjab Northern India & Web technologies.

Who We Are

  • Under the banner of “RMG Creative Marketing” with corporate outlook, HQ at Malviya road, Amritsar with ID No. U52602PB2010PTC033499, 2009-10 consequently ISO No. 9001-2008, establish in this year 2000.
  • 4waydial gets ISO 9001:2015 in year 2017.
  • Keeping abrest with the time & needs in the year 2013 floated “4WayDial” with sanguine hope & determination to provide information & services through website, homepage, SMS, Mobile, on landline and other medium the business details built on new tools and applications to the users on internet at the click of the mouse.
  • Hi-tech, IT Lab & Technical force and engineers focused exclusively on search problems and continuously looking out for improvement & adding new dimensions to the search with speed in providing info & service.

Mission Objective

On the mission of “4waydial” which is open to all, we firmly believe the SABAD “Tery Bhane Sarbat the Bhala” and carry forward the messages of Gurus of universal brotherhood with true love & spirit.

  • While setting eye on the service, we know the challenge ahead and to meet the same head on shall be stretching by innovation & motivation.
  • Our endeavor is to provide as much information & service to the users and inducing others to visit website & bridging the gap between buyers and sellers on the common platform.
  • By opening a platform to all section & society, business men, traders, specialist small & marginal entrepreneur, entertainers, artisans, weavers and many more from urban & rural areas to become port of huge database and showcase their product on this global tool and achieve prominences.

Trusted Area

“4 Way Dial” fully aware of their social responsibility have more HTML Homepage to promote the cultural bondages, booklore, rich heritage, Art, Handicraft, Food-Craft, and places of religious tourism of Punjab and to give impetus to tourism, medical tourism.

Our efforts are to generate ken interest in all section of people more specially the Diasporas living our side through generations receive more information & get commented to the roots of Punjab with our endeavor.

Mix Trust

We act our target to having small time artisan, weavers, fashion house, DJ Business, leather, form machinery, coaching’s, local transporters, food crafts to the fore and to be known to outside world and got best deal of their product.


During the course of research we find score of business opportunity available to all sections of people, whether business man, doctors, entrepreneurs, artisans, exporters, specialist, fine artist and other enthusiastic by showcase; fine artist and other enthusiastic by showcase their product.

“4 Way dial” is just in it starting years and the response is for encouraging. The regular queries from users within Punjab and outside Punjab have been very useful. We keep ourselves updated to the need to provide answer to all users promptly. We have added on the request of the users wale services as well. On our “4 Way Dial” to showcase the product. We are confident to add more features to provide desired level of services.